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In collaboration with UNESCO, IOM supports enterprises that directly contribute to the restoration of culture with the capacity to create or support jobs that are scalable in the long-term. EDF-culture aims to contribute to job creation while at the same time supporting the restoration of traditional and creative industries by supporting both smaller, artisanal projects as well as construction businesses supporting the restoration of built heritage. This approach will not only revitalize local economies and provide employment opportunities, but it will also revive and help preserve the rich heritage and traditions of Iraq.

236 Business funded
636 Jobs created
632 Existing jobs improved
$2,992,562 Grant
$960,323 Contribution

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Restoration of Iraq’s Historic and Cultural Heritage as a Pillar for Economic Recovery

Cultural industries are important in preserving and advancing the cultural heritage of #Iraq and contributing to the development of the post-conflict economy. In partnership with UNESCO, IOM Iraq’s Enterprise Development Fund – Culture (EDF-c) is assisting businesses in creative industries in the historical cities of Mosul and Basra. Ammar is one of the business owners benefitting from an EDF-c grant. He was able to expand his business and hire new workers – check out this video to learn more about this initiative.

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Reviving Mosul And Basra Old Cities

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