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All - Total number of business supported
2,497 Business Funded
11,437 Jobs Created
13,363 Existing Jobs Improved
$40,174,349 USD Grant
$19,250,100 USD Contribution


What is EDF?

IOM’s Enterprise Development Fund (EDF) is an innovative programme that supports livelihoods and job creation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through private sector revitalization and economic development in Iraq.

The EDF provides financial capital to SMEs in primary, secondary, and tertiary economic sectors with a high demand for labour. Concurrently, targeting key sectors and businesses with the greatest potential to create jobs, the EDF encourages rapid and large-scale job creation.

SMEs are limited by a lack of access to finance in Iraq. War, economic crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic have all contributed to destruction and loss of infrastructure and economy, worsened by the fact that finances to rebuild and recover are severely restricted for the affected SMEs. The EDF addresses this critical gap which limits the capacity for businesses to expand and hire new workers. Considering that 60 per cent of jobs in Iraq are concentrated in the private sector and that the public sector is unable to absorb new entrants to the economy, a focus on SMEs is critical for the development of Iraq.

The EDF helps businesses to expand and grow and create jobs. The EDF uses market data and data analysis for decision making. Through adaptations to different sectors or groups of individuals (such as women), the EDF continues to be flexible, adaptable and scalable. Comprehensive due diligence processes that are diversified across different incumbents reduce risk, ensure accountability, and increase efficiency and value-for-money. Operating since 2018, the EDF also counts on vast experience and lessons learned, which also allows for its catered export to other contexts.

EDF helps businesses to expand and grow and create jobs.

Evidence based.

Underpinned by robust information management systems and market data.

Scalable, flexible and adaptable.

Comprehensive due diligence processes reduce risk and ensure accountability.

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