EDF Agriculture

The agricultural sector employs 20 percent of the Iraqi workforce and is particularly affected by the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. The Enterprise Development Fund for Agriculture, funded by the EU and implemented by IOM, promotes agricultural value chain development and the adoption of climate-smart technologies, including drip irrigation, solar photovoltaic pumping systems, and improved livestock fodder. The program targets multiple actors, including producers, processors, aggregators, suppliers, and water sector actors, to build resilience to future economic shocks and fund the purchase of improved equipment. Grants are focused in areas affected by climate-induced migration, with a heavy focus on the South and Northwest of Iraq. 

259 Business funded
1247 Jobs created
1666 Existing jobs improved
$4,611,134 Grant
$2,640,573 Contribution

Featured Story

Agri-food Business Development Programme

Iraq’s agricultural sector presents huge untapped potential for employment, particularly in responding to the needs of the domestic market. Find out how the European Union's Agri-Food Business Development Programme is strengthening governance and promoting sustainable job creation in #Iraq’s agri-food sector through activities that address the entire food value chain — from farm to fork.

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